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"This is the best film to come out of Portland in years."

- Film Beat


"Your film deeply moved me."

- Mary Gardner, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)


"Amazing work. We could go on and on about the production, the story line, the acting..."

- Jeff Wiencken, REX POST


"Surely this is a gift to the world. Maggie's journey makes us consider our own."

- Rev Alla Renee Bozarth

History Maker, one of the Philadelphia 11


"Congratulations on creating such a passionate and well-crafted debut film. There are many moments throughout that only a gifted filmmaker could pull off successfully.”

-Eric Stacey, Producer & Director, Movies On A Mission 



HOMESKILLET Director Interview by Agnes Films




9/26/15 Cathedral of the Rockies (Boise)

2/14/15   TV Broadcast Oregon Public Broadcast Stations

2/12/15   McMenamin’s Mission Theater

2/8/15     TV Broadcast, Oregon Public Broadcast Stations

1/22/15   PWS Screening/Food Drive

1/16/15   Sunnyside Environmental Middle School Screening

12/28/15 TV Broadcast Oregon Public Broadcast Stations

12/7/15   Screening Pacific Indie Film Fest

11/2/14   TV Broadcast Oregon Public Broadcast Stations

10/25/14 TV Broadcast Oregon Public Broadcast Stations

10/9/14    WORLD PREMIERE NorthWest Film Center Tracking Festival


phiAMMA and Stanley Clarke 

phiAMMA and Bill and Suzanne Esper 

Thank you old friend for a great day! 

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