Shot on Red Scarlet & Red Epic

Running Time: 01:27:50 Aspect 16:9

Color, Stereo Dolby SR  Closed Captioned 

Original Score

Formats: Theatrical, Television (CC), Foreign,

  HD CAM .MOV Files

Shooting Days: 24

PDX Cast: 9 Lead Actors, 23 Supporting

PDX Crew: 17

PDX Locations:  40

Production Vehicles:  6 - 2 Honda Prius', 1 electric 

  Scooter, 1 PT Cruiser, Durango 'George' pulling

  'Betty' the Horse Trailer, and a Jetta TDI run on 

  100% biodiesel!

A very special thank you goes out to all of the Portland homeless individuals we were honored to meet during the shooting of this film!  We fed many people, provided warm beverages, blankets, tarps, umbrellas, coats, and lots of respect and compassion.


We wish safety, support and a safe haven for all of those in need on our streets... CLICK HERE to take action for our homeless.  

Ashiyu Spa

City of Portland

Earth and Skye Fiberworks

First United Methodist Church


Goose Hollow Shelter

Gorge Winds Aviation &

  Troutdale Airport

Helen's Costumes

Imagine Chiropractic


Living Room Theaters

Mandala Yoga Studio

Midnight Roundup

Mission Control

New Seasons Markets

Nourishing Medicine


Renee & Jules Elias

Barbara Andersen

Daniel Bennett

Terra Binkovitz

Brenton Booth

Elie Cole

Marcia & John Dier

Grace Evans

Gregory Filardi

Brian Jamison

Jeanett Lau Gattis

Rose Madrone

Hillarie Putnam

Todd Roper, musician

Dr. Lee Samtowic

Bill Stites

Savannah & Mike Turner




PDX Rescue Mission

Perriera Creperie Food Cart

Piece of Cake

People's Co-op

Pohala Healing

Portland Peace Choir

Portland Waldorf School

PWS Girls' Basketball Team

Rex Post, Russ Gorline

Space Design Online

Stites Design

St. David's of Wales

Success Positioning LLC

The Slide Inn

Whole Foods

Willamette Falls Media Center

Filmed in Portland, Oregon

We are so grateful to these Portland businesses

and Portland residents for their support!

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